HCG 5000iu Pre Mixed Pen


HCG 5000iu Pre Mixed Pen


The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG refers to a hormone produced by placenta upon implantation.  Its presence is detected in a particular pregnancy test.

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HCG Pre Mixed Peptide Pen Germany

Structure of HCG

HCG is a glycoprotein comprised of 237 amino acids with a molecular mass of approximately 36.7kDa.
These two units tend to create a small hydrophobic core that is surrounded by higher surface area to volume ratio-2.8 times of the sphere.
Majority of outer amino acids were found out to be hydrophilic.
Beta HCG is like the Beta-LH except for Carboxy Terminus or beta-CTP that contains four glycosylated serine residues responsible for the extended half-life of HCG.

HCG is linked to amazing benefits:

Helps You Lose Weight:
When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, HCG injections help with weight loss. You can see positive changes in a couple of days. This will increase motivation to exercise and diet regimen alongside using this product!
Lots of other benefits such as:
  • low cholesterol
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • Well-proportioned body
  • Boosts Your Sex Life
  • Increases Testosterone levels
  • Increases Fertility
HCG encourages proper hormonal balance within the body:
This means that sexual endocrines such as increased testosterone production levels are released to the body. This results in increased libido. HCG can also help in reducing the risks of erectile dysfunction in men. HCG has been found to increase higher sperm production in men.
Improves Gym Performance:
Having low body weight means you can enjoy improved endurance and performance at the gym. You can last longer and also maximize your workouts at the gym. HCG tends to restrict muscle mass loss, which comes as a consequence of following a low-calorie diet.
You can experience improved muscle retention, without actually sabotaging your fitness goals. In many instances, athletes resort to taking lower doses of HCG as a safer substitute for steroids.
You can also experience and enjoy these benefits if you take HCG Vail Germany the right way.
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